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Going Forward When You Are Going Backward

Every have those days, weeks, or months when it seems you take 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards? We all have them, but what determines the difference in those who turn it around and those who continue to go backwards or stay in that rut? There is really only one factor that is at the beginning of everyone’s day.
Life is determined by ATTITUDE. If you had plenty of money, God given talent, and all the resources needed yet maintained  a negative attitude, you would never go forward. Attitude is something you have to continually recreate, especially when times get hard.
Look at the big picture, slow down and look at everything your life. There are many factors that we tend to take for granted. Our Health, family, friends, freedom,opportunity, food and the roof over your head. Attitude is seeing the end of a trip and not the journey that sometimes has bumps and detours.
Attitude has to be kept in check by constant positive inputs and accountability. Try to make sure the circles you run in are with motivated and positive people.
Keep a list of positive sayings, poems, and comments from famous people and read them often. Exercise frees up negativity and boost happy endorphins in the brain. And last but not least take time to walk away and just relax. Make time for fun periodically. So enough going backwards, be positive be big picture and go forward !

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