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relationships and championships

If life here on earth is a game, then 2 things must follow. There must be a championship and you better learn how to play the game.
In my mind to be a great player, there is a simple 2 part win win game plan. Build relationships, then serve others. Have you ever notice that when you are serving others there is a feeling of self satisfaction? When we focus on other people and their needs, it takes the mind off of the negatives in your life.
I have never served or given to someone that I wasn’t blessed usually many times moreover. Blessings come in many different forms from good health, to help, to friendships, to sometime financial blessings.
The older I get the more I realize the value of friends and relationships both personal and business.
So I leave you with a challenge. Examine all of the people you come in contact with this next week and In the days that follow. Are they someone needing a friend, or even more is there something you could do to help them, making their life a littleĀ bit easier? I think you will find in serving you will build relationships, and in most great relationships you will find yourself serving because it feels good !

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