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Who Do You See?

It has been said that successful people make a habit of doing things that losers do not want to do; perhaps a bit harsh and unfair. It is true that successful people tend to do the things that others are not willing to do. But to say if you are not successful by the world’s standards, that you are a looser is a shallow and pathetic statement.
In life we need diversity. What if everyone was a chief? Who would be the Indians and how would anything get done? Some people are born to lead; some are born to produce. One without the other would be useless.
If someone is quote successful, does that make them more important by leading than the one who produces to get them into that role of leadership? How does one lead if there is no one to follow?
We must see every person, at every level, as an important spoke in the wheel of life that makes our world turn. We may be different colors, we may be different sexes, we may be young or old, we may be rich or poor, we may be from one nation or the other, but we are made by the Same God who gives to us equally as we are prepared to handle. Appreciate each and every person that is brought into your daily life. Tell someone thank you today and change a life by making them feel appreciated!
Waddyism 10/11/2013

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