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relationships and championships

If life here on earth is a game, then 2 things must follow. There must be a championship and you better learn how to play the game.
In my mind to be a great player, there is a simple 2 part win win game plan. Build relationships, then serve others. Have you ever notice that when you are serving others there is a feeling of self satisfaction? When we focus on other people and their needs, it takes the mind off of the negatives in your life.
I have never served or given to someone that I wasn’t blessed usually many times moreover. Blessings come in many different forms from good health, to help, to friendships, to sometime financial blessings.
The older I get the more I realize the value of friends and relationships both personal and business.
So I leave you with a challenge. Examine all of the people you come in contact with this next week and In the days that follow. Are they someone needing a friend, or even more is there something you could do to help them, making their life a little bit easier? I think you will find in serving you will build relationships, and in most great relationships you will find yourself serving because it feels good !

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Who Do You See?

It has been said that successful people make a habit of doing things that losers do not want to do; perhaps a bit harsh and unfair. It is true that successful people tend to do the things that others are not willing to do. But to say if you are not successful by the world’s standards, that you are a looser is a shallow and pathetic statement.
In life we need diversity. What if everyone was a chief? Who would be the Indians and how would anything get done? Some people are born to lead; some are born to produce. One without the other would be useless.
If someone is quote successful, does that make them more important by leading than the one who produces to get them into that role of leadership? How does one lead if there is no one to follow?
We must see every person, at every level, as an important spoke in the wheel of life that makes our world turn. We may be different colors, we may be different sexes, we may be young or old, we may be rich or poor, we may be from one nation or the other, but we are made by the Same God who gives to us equally as we are prepared to handle. Appreciate each and every person that is brought into your daily life. Tell someone thank you today and change a life by making them feel appreciated!
Waddyism 10/11/2013

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Fall Is In The Air

It’s that time of year which feels like a fresh start, a break from the hot, humid, and sometime miserable summer days. The excitement that comes with the many fun, outdoor events, like crafts shows and festivals. Often accompanied with lots of fattening but delicious foods.(foods that I really don’t need like funnel cakes and caramel apples.) Finally it is back to a consistent schedule with kids in school, and employees back from vacations. This always helps to bring back a little consistency and normality to life again.

For my industry, it is the start of a busy season. We get ready for football trophies, Parent t shirts, banners, cold weather spirit wear,
like hoodies, and long sleeve t shirts. Many small to large businesses begin gearing up for end of the year thank you gifts. Successful Companies recognize the importance of marketing through items like calendars and hundreds of other promotional
products. To customers, gifts and promotional products say what we often forget to say…… We appreciate you.
Schools begin presenting awards to students and name tags for teachers and other staff members. Yes busy is always a good thing when you are in business large or small.

And wow did someone really just say we are less than 90 days away from Christmas?

I can hardly wait; truly it is my favorite season.  Besides the gifts, last minute shopping, being with family, tons of food, parties, it is a special time of year that brings me back to why I am really here; brings my focus full circle to Who is the real provider for all I have been blessed with.  Be filled with blessings that are both monetary as well as good health, wonderful family and great

So be excited, be productive, be thankful for all the blessings we tend to overlook in this busy life we live in today.

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School Is Back

Summer is over and it is back to work for many. The summer slump from vacations, parents’ spending money on school clothes, tuitions, books, and more, can make it difficult on small businesses.
But slow and seasonable down times should be an opportunity to rest, regroup, refocus and get ready for the busy season to come.
Get outside your comfort zones and prepare to increase traffic and profits. A few ways to accomplish this is through trade magazines, you tube videos, workshops. Remember to always motivate yourself through education and accountability. Research what your competitors are doing or not doing to stay successful then adapt as needed.
For our industry, schools and sports are cranking back up and will be needing services we offer like trophies, banners and many more services we provide.
Many businesses will be increasing marketing and events as the weather gets cooler and more people are in town to stay. Always see the slow times as an opportunity improve your business. The glass is never half empty only half full!

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Going Forward When You Are Going Backward

Every have those days, weeks, or months when it seems you take 1 step forward and 2 steps backwards? We all have them, but what determines the difference in those who turn it around and those who continue to go backwards or stay in that rut? There is really only one factor that is at the beginning of everyone’s day.
Life is determined by ATTITUDE. If you had plenty of money, God given talent, and all the resources needed yet maintained  a negative attitude, you would never go forward. Attitude is something you have to continually recreate, especially when times get hard.
Look at the big picture, slow down and look at everything your life. There are many factors that we tend to take for granted. Our Health, family, friends, freedom,opportunity, food and the roof over your head. Attitude is seeing the end of a trip and not the journey that sometimes has bumps and detours.
Attitude has to be kept in check by constant positive inputs and accountability. Try to make sure the circles you run in are with motivated and positive people.
Keep a list of positive sayings, poems, and comments from famous people and read them often. Exercise frees up negativity and boost happy endorphins in the brain. And last but not least take time to walk away and just relax. Make time for fun periodically. So enough going backwards, be positive be big picture and go forward !

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